Talking Tunes was created under the direction of speech pathologist, Dr. Diane Dynes for families who have speech therapy needs or just enjoy providing their children with music that targets language development. It is available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and Google Play. For resource materials and information on how Talking Tunes is utilized in speech therapy please visit

Dr. Diane Dynes first contacted me in early 2012 when she heard some of my children’s music on Facebook and thought that some of the tunes may suit her need for children’s music in her speech therapy practice. She said she was interested in music for speech-impaired children that included songs written and performed in such a way that they would encourage speech production, language/cognitive development and social skills while still being enjoyable for the children and their families. My goal in writing this album was to create fun children’s music that served the purpose of developing children’s language skills, and focused on specific speech challenges. With the needs of Dr. Dynes in mind, a quick study of the different challenges relating to children’s speech therapy and a long list of guidelines I embarked on a nearly two-year long music- making journey. The outcome is the album, “Talking Tunes.” A lot of love, thought and musicianship went into this album, courtesy of the wonderful musicians I worked with in the studio. The album includes various genres including jazz, rock-a-billy and reggae. Whether they have speech challenges or not, I hope your children will enjoy these songs and that they will dance, learn and giggle.

All my love,