Don't Be Shy! From my upcoming album, "Little Feelings"

Featuring Ella, Abby, Myah, Elijah, Vera, Asher, Felix, Timothy and Cadence

You can view the first video in the "Little Feelings" music video series on YouTube or right here on the website! It focuses on children interacting in social situations even when they're feeling a little intimidated or overwhelmed. Also, look for "Uh-Oh," on the Tunes For Toddlers YouTube channel! 
Little Feelings and Talking Tunes are available on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and all streaming services.

About Tunes For Toddlers

Kelly Donovan is a Denver based children's songwriter, musician, teacher and mother of two at the heart of Tunes For Toddlers. She was classically trained for over a decade before receiving her Bachelors of Music from Berklee College of Music in 2007. Tunes For Toddlers was born in 2013 out of Kelly's desire to use music as a way to teach and help give children an early start on growing into happy people.  She is very passionate about using fun music to help young children feel comfortable connecting to the world around them, learning to show as much love as possible and writing music that helps children feel their very best.